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only $100,000 to go for Readshaw's Raiders' Pa. Gettysburg Monuments Project

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HARRISBURG, Feb. 7 -- State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, today announced that the money raised by his Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project has now hit $150,000. Combined with the $500,000 for Gettysburg monument preservation that Gov. Tom Ridge pledged to put in his proposed 2000-01 fiscal budget, which will be unveiled Tuesday, that leaves only $100,000 to go to hit the $750,000 needed to ensure repair and perpetual endowment of 146 of the 147 Pennsylvania monuments and markers at Gettysburg. The single remaining monument, the huge Pennsylvania Memorial, remains under study by the National Park Service but is expected to cost several million dollars to restore.

Readshaw began the campaign to preserve Pennsylvania's monuments at the historic Adams County crossroads nearly three years ago after reading a newspaper account of the deterioration of many of the monuments in the park.

Readshaw said he hopes that with the growing number of fund-raising efforts being conducted by schools across the state, coupled with an April 15 run and walk for the monuments in Gettysburg, the fund drive can be concluded by the end of June.

"After that, our task will be much simpler," said Readshaw. "That will be to ensure accountability for the money raised and to make sure each monument and marker is cleaned and repaired, and its endowment fund documented. "Many people have worked very hard for the success of this project, including lots of school children," he said. "We must have accountability." Readshaw added that he has been totally satisfied by the full cooperation of the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association with the project. The GBPA, an all-volunteer organization, is being used as a repository for the funds, which are deposited in a separate bank account. Readshaw noted that, so far, the interest and appreciation has added another $1,500.

"This is working out very well," said Readshaw. "Virtually every penny we collect is going to the project. We're losing nothing to administrative costs. I hope the governor will permit us to continue using the proven, accountable and extremely efficient system we have developed in order to get the most bang for our monument preservation bucks."

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