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Gettysburg Monuments Project gets grant
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CONTACT: Jay Purdy, Legislative Information Office, 717-787-7895

HARRISBURG, Nov. 13 State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, today announced that the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project is the recipient of a grant from the Verizon Foundation. Readshaw has spearheaded a three-year effort to restore and preserve the 146 Pennsylvania monuments and markers that dot the Adams County battlefield. The leadership grant will enable the project to continue its preservation efforts by funding endowment trusts to cover future maintenance needs of the monuments.

Readshaw announced the grant at a Harrisburg news conference where he outlined the progress of the project and unveiled plans for building the endowment trusts. Readshaw's supporters, dubbed Readshaw's Raiders, have raised the money to ensure restoration and cleaning of the monuments. Their goal now is to raise $413,000 for the trusts to fund future work the monuments require.

"The check says $10,000 but it's really worth much more than that," said Readshaw. "When you gain the support of a major sponsor such as Verizon, it enhances your ability to attract other corporate contributors," he noted. "This status didn't come easy it's the result of three years' hard work, and the Verizon Foundation assistance is tremendous news."

Readshaw said that in the next couple years any Verizon employee or descendent can take pride in playing a role to ensure that Pennsylvania's icons of freedom on the battlefield remain standing and their message carried on for generations to come.

"The Verizon Foundation is delighted to continue its partnership with the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project", said Daniel J. Whelan, president and CEO of Verizon Pennsylvania. "We believe this endeavor will preserve history and serve as a lifelong legacy of those individuals who fought for our country's freedom and we are proud to play a role in the effort."


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