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HARRISBURG, Nov. 6 - During the Civil War, scores of young men from Perry County enlisted in the cause of the Union. Many of them were in the ranks when the tide of the war was turned at Gettysburg.

Nearly 138 years later, scores of young people from Perry County will enlist in the effort to preserve the legacy of the men of Perry County and all of Pennsylvania who stood their ground at Gettysburg.

State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, today announced that students at Susquenita High School in Duncannon will raise funds for a perpetual trust endowment to ensure the future preservation of three monuments to the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry that were erected on the battlefield by veterans of the regiment. The unit's Company G included volunteers from Perry County. The 149th was heavily engaged at Gettysburg, especially in the initial hours of the three-day battle. The students' target is $6,000.

Susquenita principal Nancy Valdez said for the past several years students at the school have been especially interested in the Civil War and at least one can claim a member of the 149th as an ancestor.

"For the past four years, students have organized an annual Civil War encampment," said Valdez. "As soon as they heard they could be a part of preserving the monuments at Gettysburg to the heroes of our county, they jumped at the opportunity."

The students are now developing a fund-raising strategy. A contingent from Susquenita is expected to be on hand at a Nov. 13 news conference in the Media Center at the State Capitol when Readshaw updates the progress of the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project and announces plans he hopes will result in completing the campaign to restore and preserve the 146 Pennsylvania monuments and markers on the Adams County battlefield.

Valdez said five social studies teachers will guide the students in their efforts, headed by Claudio Valeri and assisted by Matthew Mitchell. Also assisting will be Dr. Peggy Jennings, Bill Day and Jim Wiehe.

So far Readshaw's Raiders, as supporters of his project have become known, have secured the $165,000 needed to repair and clean the Pennsylvania monuments. Their focus now is to raise $413,000 to fund the perpetual endowment trusts for any future work the monuments require. Readshaw said that about one-quarter of the endowment money has been secured.


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