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the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg

The Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg This monument, the largest in the Gettysburg National Military Park, has been the subject of considerable attention, both in terms of remedial work and public interest, since it was dedicated in 1910. Problems inherent to the nature of the structure have been exacerbated by the impact of weather over a period of nearly 90 years. The monument is in dire need of major repairs and is structurally unsound. If this remains the case, the monument could be closed to the public within the next several years.

The total cost of the Pennsylvania Memorial was $189,650. Act 2 of 1909 set up a commission of nine Union Army veterans of Pennsylvania, known as the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Commission. They were to select a suitable site on the battlefield to erect a memorial to all Pennsylvanians who fought in the battle. $149,650 was spent to erect and dedicate the monument in 1910. The memorial lists the names of every Pennsylvanian who fought at Gettysburg and indicates those who died as a result of the battle. In 1913, an additional $40,000 was appropriated to add additional statuary on the sides of the monument and to correct the bronze plaques.

A minimum of $72,800 would be needed for immediate repairs and the structural investigation of the Pennsylvania Memorial. The amount of funding to rectify any structural deficiencies will not be known until the study is undertaken. However, worst-case scenarios could require as much as several million dollars.

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