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Dear Friends of the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project,

Just a quick update for you on where we are with regards to school participation this year. This amount could change but we have our highest student state-wide: Paige Hisiro at $800.00 (visit the Herbert Hoover photo page to see a picture of Paige Hisiro being congratulated by Tom Marracino).

Our highest school the 5th grade class of Linglestown Elementary (here in Harrisburg) at $4,474.00, our second highest school, Herbert Hoover Elementary 5th grade class (also of Harrisburg) at $4,100.00. Both of these schools participated in living history educational events held at their schools with the help of the 2nd South Carolina (thank you to Ron Beiber and Joyce Swentzer of the 2nd S.C., Fay and Barry Stoudt of the 2nd S.C. and other 2nd S.C. members, Jay Purdy, Ron Waddell, Larry Keener- Farley, Craig Caba and Star Johnson for your tremendous help in making history come alive for these students, and to all of you who participated in any way with our schools).

TOTAL TO DATE FOR 13 SCHOOLS IS $18,737.19 - a tremendous job of preservation by students who will take this effort into the future!


Kathi Schue
Project Coordinator

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more information:

Readshaw and the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project may be contacted by e-mail at gettysburg@pahouse.net or by phone, 717-783-0411.

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