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Awards Ceremony--Linglestown Elementary School
last day of school

lnggrp1.jpg (259888 bytes)

lnggrp2.jpg (304113 bytes) The best was saved for last - the last day of school, that is, as fifth-grade students at Linglestown Elementary School in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, were visited by state Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, leader of the Pennsylvania Gettysburg Monuments Project, to personally express his appreciation for their raising more money than any other school in the Commonwealth to help preserve the 146 Pennsylvania regimental monuments and markers on the Gettysburg battlefield.

lngprs.jpg (257113 bytes)The fifth-graders raised $4,540 for the perpetual endowment trust for the 12th Pennsylvania Volunteer Reserve Infantry, which on the second day of the battle, took possession of Big Round Top and guarded against further Confederate thrusts against the southern flank of the Union forces. The unit included soldiers from Dauphin County.

Readshaw presented the students with a legislative citation. In addition, they received the Chamberlain Award for Outstanding Achievement from Frank Polito, regional director of governmental and community affairs for Adelphia Communications, a major supporter of the monument preservation campaign.

lngspk.jpg (146508 bytes)"The most thrilling aspect of seeing the school kids involved in the preservation effort is the knowledge that in the years to come, many of them will visit Gettysburg with their children and grandchildren. They'll be able to tell them proudly and without exaggeration: 'See that monument? I personally helped keep it standing.'

  "And those children, in turn, will be able to the tell next generation that their grandmother or grandfather helped save the monuments that stand before them."

--State Rep. Harry Readshaw, June 29, 2001

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